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Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil

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Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil

Botanical Source: Hippophae Rhamnoides L.

Plant Part Used: Seed

Active Constituents:

Omega-6 (linoleic acid), omega-3 (linolenic acid),

omega-9 (oleic acid), vitamin E, alpha-tocopherols, carotenoids,

vitamin C, amino acids, flavonoids, beta-sistosterols etc.

KINGHERBS' sea buckthorn seed oil are 100% pure, extracted by SCFE-CO2. 

KINGHERBS offer not only seed oil, but also berry of rich of omega 7.

KINGHERBS offer also sea buckthorn seed oil softgels of  350mg, 500mg.

Main Functions:

Wound healing due to its ability of repairing cells;

Increasing cardiovascular health, lowering cholesterol, and preventing atherosclerosis;

Antioxidant; Anti-inflammation; Anti-microbial;

Repairing the skin, protecting skin from UV radiation, and other skin disorders such as ulcers, dermatitis, eczema and acne;

Enhancing immune system;

Sea buckthorn is one of the most nutritious health foods, containing more than 190 biologically active compounds. This oil increases the capability of the body’s immune-system.



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